Friday, July 04, 2008

07.03.08 - The garden...

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You have no idea how happy I was most of the day on Thursday. Maybe it was the fact that is was a half day at work, meaning that we don't open up till the afternoon instead of being open both morning and afternoon, or that it was the end of the week and Friday being a holiday... 3 day weekend. When I got home, Paul had left already to head over to school to take a test for the history class he is taking this summer, I came home and went to the garden outside on the patio. On Monday, the neighbors from up stairs ended up moving out and they knocked over 3 of my plants that I had on the ledge of the patio. One of the guys tried to give me money as compensation for breaking the pots but since they only cost me like $1 each, it wasn't worth it... Plus I had a few extra pots that were lying around. I re-potted the plants and split up on of the ivy plants I had since it was getting pretty cramped in the new pot. I made sure that all my plants had plenty of soil and re-organized the patio by moving things around. I put on the mp3 player and listened to some We Are Scientist and Death From Above 1979. Beasley helped a bit... The tomatoes are coming in finally... Watched our new neighbors move in. It was nice being outside for a bit since it was windy. Odd weather for a July afternoon.

We ended up meeting our new neighbors, Justin and his girlfriend (who didn't tell us her name unfortunately). We then went to Chili's for dinner that night... Talked about all sorts of random things... Headed over to Wal-Mart for some items (light bulbs, soap, etc) and Paul ended up buying Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PS3... Which he was playing till 1am today. And I think we will be playing it a lot today. No doubt about that.