Tuesday, April 15, 2008

& then she said "These things will kill ya..."

Blah. I have totally forgotten how much I liked watching Hells Kitchen. The cooks aren't as good as last years group (well, from what I am seeing right now). But none the less, it is entertaining. I told Paul that this would be the perfect show to watch and attempt to play a drinking game too. But when am I ever gonna get a weekday off!? Answer: Never.

I, with Paul's permission, took a straight iron to his hair and tried to flatten it out. It actually turned out pretty good and he looks good too. He started to make fun of how he looked and said that he looked like a guy from AFI. I wonder if there is a way to semi-permanently get his hair to stay nice and flat.

We made chocolate covered strawberries also. We had a basket of them and we needed to use the fruit before it went bad and I hate wasting food, especially ones from Whole Foods since they cost like 2 times more then the regular grocery store. We also attempted to make some chocolate coverd bananas too.

I really need to start on that damn paper. I think I am gonna do it now. No time like the present.