Saturday, April 12, 2008

& if we have to go now, I guess there's always hope tomorrow night will be more of the same///

So, its 1am. I don't feel like going to sleep. I know that if I even went to my bed with Paul, I would just lie there awake listening to my mp3 player... Especially since it's a weekend... But I have my photography class @10am. Lame. Ugh.

Any who,
I got a parking ticket the other day (Thursday actually) near my school. I 'apparently' was parked in part of a public street that you need a certain permit in order to park there. Totally fucking pathetic!!! I hope the city uses that money to buy themselves a fucking clue. Ugh. Thank goodness it was only for $35.

I re-took that test in my Political Science class that same day I got the ticket. I felt real good this time. I even studied a little bit (which I hate to do cause I don't know how to study properly) and I think that made all the difference. I owe it all to Paul, naturally. He is always the 'brains' of the relationship.

Speaking of Poly Sci, I need to totally kick ass on my research paper. That can make or break me at this point. The only thing is that I have not even started on the damn thing and its due in a month. Paul thinks that I can still crank out a good paper... I just need to find time to do some research and write the damn thing. I hate writing papers now. When I was younger (like from the age of 13-17 when I was in high school), I loved to write essays and papers like that. But now that I am at the ripe old age of 24, its not my passion anymore.

I am not sure what my "real" passion is now that I think about it. All I have interest in anymore is music, art and photography. I got an email today from my school saying that the registration for the Summer & Fall 2008 semester is gonna happen in May. I am thinking of taking an art class (like a drawing or painting class) and also an art history class to meet my major/ transfer requirements. At this point, its all up in the air still (speaking since this semester isnt even over yet)

Okay, its not 137p, I think I should probably hit the sack. I'll write more as it comes to me. Life is intresting when you least expect it. : )