Sunday, April 06, 2008

If I could be a real heartbreaker, I'd watch you crash into my arms... We're the stars under the barrel of a gun///

Hooray for Sunday! One of my favorite days of the week because I have officially dubbed it to be "Cinni-roll Sunday." I make Paul and myself cinnamon rolls for breakfast and I usually have a big cup of coffee (its like the only day that I actually have one all week besides on Saturdays, which I usually take with me to my photography class since it's a 5 hour class) and we eat in bed while the cats watch us...

Today, since baseball season started last week, we have been watching different games on TV. San Francisco vs Milwaukee, Toronto vs Boston, Philadelphia vs Cincinnati. I am actually excited for baseball this year. I think it has everything to do with being with Paul. the only sport i liked before i met him was basketball; now we watch everything together... minus golf and Lady's sports (no offence but the guys teams are amazing and real fun to watch IMHO). We watched the Final 4 games last night, and was a little sad to see that UCLA got knocked off by Memphis, but as Paul said last night, "Memphis was the better team and they deserve to go to the National Championship game." We also watched the game with Kansas vs North Carolina (which, I really and honestly can say that i hate that team with a passion) and was so happy when Kansas mopped the floor with UNC's snobby asses! I think at one point, Kansas had a 25 point lead in the first half. I think know that one game made my entire year a little better. So Monday is gonna be Kansas vs Memphis... & I want Kansas to win because if it weren't for Memphis, the Bruins would be there.

Time for a shower... : )