Sunday, April 13, 2008

I don't want you to fall in love now, so please don't start///

So, it turns out that we did not get the Sony Bravia like we had wanted. We went back to Fry's this morning and apparently the model that we wanted was only on sale cause it is being discontinued. When we asked the sales guy if they had any left, he said that the didn't and all they had was the floor model that had a bunch of dings and scratches. The other brand that we were looking at (which was a Samsung) was also being discontinued too. Not my idea of a good time... The guy who was helping us was not very helpful or friendly either. We walked around talking about what we could do (either go to another store and see what they have in stock/ sale, go home all together, or get something else). We talked to another guy in that department and we asked him about a different TV, a nice little 32" Toshiba LCD TV that wasn't being discontinued and he said that they didn't have any at the Natomas location but that they did have one at the Roseville store.

We drove to Best Buy and saw what they had. Paul doesn't like Best Buy let alone the fact buying from them and perpetuating the cycle of greed or something like that... We decided to check out the computer section to see if we could go online to compare prices while in the store. Well, one of the "department managers" saw what we were doing and waited till we got off to change the setting on the computer so no one can do a price comparison. (score one for the little guys). We decided to walk over to Bev Mo see if they had any Skyy Vodka on sale (it was on sale for buy one, get one for a $0.05) but they were all sold out. Yet another strike out for us.

We got back in the car and we drove around trying to find another store in the area, but I ended up on the freeway heading towards home. Paul said that if I wanted to try seeing if the Roseville store had the TV, it was my call. So, I changed my direction from going South on I-5 to heading East on I-80.

We ended up seeing that they had the TV and it was the last that they had in stock (which is the same thing that the second guy told us at the Natomas store) but it was an open box one. We thought about it for a little bit and decided to get that one which also included the original warranty from the manufacturer but was also marked down $40 because it was a return. So, after driving a round trip of about 50 miles, we are now the proud owners of a new flat screen LCD TV! It looks real nice and the sound and picture looks very good. Now all I need to do is get some of the HD channels from the cable to our cable.

Ah, anyways, I think it is time for sleep. Paul is knocked out and work is tomorrow (lame)