Tuesday, April 29, 2008

America... FUCK YEA!

omfg (yes, I hate using that word);

I got my "rebate" money today (thanks to our "intelligent government" (and I use the term loosely, BTW)! Score one for the good guys! Who couldnt use an extra $600 for no reason? I wouldn't have noticed but I get these emails daily that tell me the balance of each of my bank accounts (Checking, Savings and my Credit Card). I was looking through them to see how much I have in checking to live by till next Monday (since I only get paid 2 times a month, at the 5th and the 20th of each month). Usually, the checks that I get at the beginning of the month are a little more then the ones at the end. This is only because we have a "bonus program" set up where we get more money if we collect more money or see more patients or get a set number of new patients in to see the Doctor. The only bonus we usually hit is the one for money collected in a month. The goal is to collect $25k with in the month and we get 1% of that final total (yeah, only 1-freaking-%, weak). So far, with 2 more days left in the month, we have collected about $34140.71. So, this means that I will take home an extra $341 on top of what I usually make... I hope my final total will be $1k for this next pay check (one can only hope that it is that much). Anyways, I am happy today. Well, kinda. I like the thought of having some extra money in my bank account, but I know I have to pay off some bills. I owe Paul $350 for half of the TV that we bought earlier this month. And I also have a balance of $228.32 on my credit card... Which means... $600 - $350 - $228 = I will have left about $22 stinking dollars to show for it. *sigh* But then, I will be debt free (minus the car payments on SnoBall). I am finally getting my shit together. Once this credit card is gone, all the left over money I get (like the things I sell on Half.com, or my silly habit of recycling to make some extra $) will go in to savings. Its kinda sad, I had $1500 in my ING Orange savings account, then I took $500 out to pay for my car registration and getting new insurance on it. There is only now $1100... I need to stop spending! Ugh!

[Edit: 926am]
I am gonna pay of the credit card today and pay Paul the money now. We have been emailing each other this morning since about 830am and the sooner I get this thing done, the better. I'll fell better about it when I have a $0 balance on the credit card... I promise.