Thursday, March 27, 2008

Awesom-o does not understand...

Ah. Thank goodness this day is finally over. I think I did the most boring work all day. I have the wonderful pleasure of going thru all the accounts from the old Orangevale office and auditing them to see if all the patients paid what they should have (since Dr Froh took over the office, all hell broke loose... I don't know how any claims got paid thru him) and if the insurance paid too... Plus I have to do care plan write offs and make sure that everything has been entered in right. I am making it sound easier then it is only because it is the most boring and time consuming job. I think today I managed to get thru 6 patient files but I did manage to write off about $20k that should have been. Now, I have about $94k left to look at. Joy.

Now I spend my evening on the couch watching last nights episode of South Park (the one when the kids are 'cheesing' and Cartman is like all of a sudden a Schindler of the town hiding out the outlawed cats of the town)... Which, might I add, was awesom-o; searching for random crap via Google and aimless waiting to see if "the bag of crap" comes up on I don't know what will come with the bag of crap, but I hear that it can be super awesome. Maybe I will wait in the room... In bed... All warm and cozy : )