Sunday, February 17, 2008

Darkly Dreaming Dexter...

I wish the weekend were not so short as they have started to become lately. Since nothing eventful has happened, I figured I would just make some bullet points...

  • Went to school on Saturday & worked on some photos in PhotoShop. I got bored & tired & left a little early. I just wish I had some time in the day to take more photos tho. Thinking of what photos to include in my final portfolio.

  • Went to Capitol Park and tried to take pictures. Experimenting with exposures & the f-stops. Took a bunch of neat little photos of the plants (cacti mostly) & some monuments there. I wish there were roses in bloom. I would have loved to take a picture of them to add to my portfolio.

  • Had a fight with Paul but will not go into details about that.

  • Finished working on the baby gift for Lance & Jessica's baby girl. Now if only I knew when the Baby Shower was gonna be. I asked but, he didn't have any answers for me. Boo.

  • Went to The Farmers Market in Sacramento this morning. Had so much fun looking at all the different produce & meat. We bought tiger shrimp, brocoli, spinich, apples, potatos, mushrooms, & I also got some flowers (like I need any more plants for the patio!) all for under $10.

  • Got a new wireless keyboard & mouse combo which I have wanted for the longest time. Stupid Staples didn't have the set that was advertised for $14 (this is the second time we have gone there for something that was on sale which they did not have, the first was for a flat screen monitor). We went to Circut City to see if maybe they would have it. It turns out that they DID have what we wanted & they matched Staples price, so I got a $84 set for $14!!!! We are the best shoppers in the world. :)

  • Thinking of making a book for Paul for either his birthday or our 2 year anniversary (which is in July). I am tossing around the idea of a Cookbook with all of the recipies that we have discoverd & now love and are in our roation... Or a book using all of his pictures from when he went to Italy durring Christmas of 2005.
  • We watched Dexter on CBS for the heck of it... Waiting to see all the good things that the stupid sensors would get rid of... We were totally disappointed about how lame the language is now. We think that the language and the excessive use of blood is what makes the show what it is. Thank goodness that Paul downloaded the first 2 seasons.
  • I spent $50 on some artwork, all on a whim. It is this pretty sugar skull print with a bright lime green background. I just wish I had my own home to put all the artwork I could. ::dare to dream::